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    Customers Refunded After Amazon Learns Some Solar Eclipse Glasses Not Certified

    Some Amazon customers were recently refunded after buying solar eclipse glasses that were reportedly not certified. Those in the United States will be able to see a total solar eclipse for the first time in years on Monday, August 21. The event is causing many to order protective solar eclipse glasses so they can see it properly. However, some vendors on Amazon ...

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    Sync Your Mind and Body with the Elf Emmit

    The Elf Emmit is a wearable that aims to sync your body and mind. The company recently sent us a sample and I tested it out for a few weeks. This product is a “digital metronome which you control, choosing your preferred state of mind and allowing the device to suggest how your mind should behave and the rhythm at which it ...

    On August 10, 2017 / By
  • 808s and Hoorays! Roland Reissues Classic TR-808 Drum Machine
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    808s and Hoorays! Roland Reissues Classic TR-808 Drum Machine

    If you’re a big music gear head like myself, you’ll know that yesterday was a very important day. What day, you ask? 808 day, of course! As the eighth of August (8/08), Roland, the massively influential synthesizer and drum machine giant, decided it’d be timely to bring back its long-since retired 808 drum sequencer. Like some of the reissued Roland instruments before ...

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  • BEZALEL Inc. Introduces the Omnia In-Car Wireless Charger
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    BEZALEL Inc. Introduces the Omnia In-Car Wireless Charger

    BEZALEL Inc., the Los Angeles-based software company that provides products that enable mobile device users to ditch the power cord – at home, in the office and on-the-go, today introduced the Omnia in-car wireless charger. With Apple-inspired design, the Omnia is part of BEZALEL’s total wireless charging solution for the iPhone 6 and 7, which also includes the best-selling Latitude wireless charging case and ...

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    Meta Creates Augmented Reality Headset Aimed at Developers

    Meta, a San Francisco startup, has created augmented reality (AR) headsets that overlay holographic images on the world. According to the company’s website, the AR headset was “designed for trailblazers.” The Meta 2 headset is similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens, which is one of the most popular AR headsets on the market today. Meta’s headset aims to put mixed reality holograms into play ...

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  • Tru-D SmartUVC: The World's First UV Disinfection Robot
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    Tru-D SmartUVC: The World’s First UV Disinfection Robot

    Marshall County Hospital in Benton, Kentucky has just added a new member to its environmental services team to proactively reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. The new addition, Tru-D SmartUVC, short for “total room ultraviolet disinfection,” is a UV disinfection robot that uses UVC light energy to kill deadly pathogens (like Ebola). For nearly a decade, Tru-D was the first disinfection robot ...

    On August 4, 2017 / By