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  • Bluetooth Announces New Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Functionality
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    Bluetooth Announces New Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Functionality

     In case you weren’t aware, we’re in the middle of a vicious power struggle over your home… well smart home that is. Wireless standards are constantly fighting to be the one and only to connect all of your smart home devices, and as of today, Bluetooth has positioned itself as a serious contender. Almost a year after unveiling Bluetooth 5,  the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) ...

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    Atari Unveils First Look at Ataribox

    Atari fans get psyched; the company just announced a new mini console, the Ataribox. The original Atari, Inc. launched back in 1972 and was a pioneer in arcade games, which helped shape the electronic entertainment space from the 1970s to the mid-1980s, according to Wikipedia. This will be Atari’s first product release in decades. According to a newsletter from the company, the Ataribox ...

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    REPORT: Apple Working on Rear-Facing Laser for Next iPhone

    Apple is hard at work creating a rear-facing 3D laser system to add to the back of a future iPhone, according to Fast Company. The new system will reportedly allow for more accurate depth detection for augmented reality apps. The tech giant announced a new augmented reality development kit back in June, which made some believe that AR features would be added ...

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    Test Your Own Vision With the EyeQue

    Have you ever tried to order new glasses and then realized that your prescription expired? If you can relate, or even if you simply suffer from bad vision, it could be worth it to learn about the EyeQue. The company recently sent us a sample to test out and the device seems like it could really come in handy. One out of ...

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  • Android vs. iOS
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    Android vs. iOS

    Once upon a time, in a world where smartphones weren’t that smart, Apple iPhones were created and blew the minds of million of techies. Today, however, there are a plethora of smartphone options in the market. Apple iPhones are still on top, but Android smartphones are rapidly gaining the same amount of popularity. It’s hard to tell Android and iOS apart from ...

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    Best Deals on Amazon Prime Day

    If you’re a deal hound like me, you’re going to love what Amazon has in store for you on July 11. The tech giant has proclaimed this day of sales, Amazon Prime Day, and for some it’s like Christmas in July. Here are some things to keep in mind: Become a Prime member You have to be a Prime member to take ...

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