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    Polaroid Drones Are Here

    The 80 year old film camera company, Polaroid, has branded four new budget Polaroid camera drones in a range of sizes and features! The new product line starts with the Polaroid PL2900, a quadcopter sporting Polaroid’s iconic rainbow stripes. The drone doesn’t launch with any crazy new features, except perhaps the $299 price point. The PL2900 carries a 720P HD camera with Wi-Fi ...

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    Mokase Smartphone Case Doubles as Portable Coffee Machine

    Mokase recently unveiled its smartphone case that also makes coffee. Yes, you read that right. The smartphone case, designed by an Italian entrepreneur, literally allows you to turn your mobile device into a portable coffee maker. The case is heatproof and reportedly uses thin coffee capsules that have the right amount of beans and water to make your morning cup of joe. ...

    On October 10, 2017 / By
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    Enhance the Sound of Your Music With the New Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

    By Stephan Duncan The hardware for the new Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones has been completely redesigned to provide music-lovers with better sound quality, and longer-lasting battery life. Though the aesthetic of the headphones hasn’t changed since the previous model, the Studio3s still offer a sleek, comfortable design; the headphones come in six colors, four base colors (white, red, blue, and matte black) ...

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  • OtterBox Encourages Fandom with NFL Alpha Glass
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    OtterBox Encourages Fandom with NFL Alpha Glass

    Football season is among us, which means tailgating, passionate rivalries, and the dreaded phone fumbles. Why not step up your fan game a bit while protecting your phone with the all new NFL Alpha Glass featuring all 32 team logos for the latest iPhones! The new Alpha Glass is designed with double-sided protection –  the front glass displays the team name and ...

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    Computer-Controlled Spray Paint Can Help You Create Almost Any Design

    Look out Banksy; the SprayPrinter is a new product that allows users to spray paint like a pro. This tool is a clip-on accessory with the ability to morph a can of spray paint into a handheld printer that can recreate practically any design. Once you’ve ordered your own unit, simply download the company’s app and then choose an image you want ...

    On October 2, 2017 / By
  • Amazon Releases Four New Echo Devices
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    Amazon Releases Four New Echo Devices

    One year on and the Amazon Echo and Boom have reached a level of commodity where I don’t actually raise my eyebrows when I see one at my friend’s apartment. While the Echo and Boom have ushered in the normalization of the modern ‘smart-home’, we all new Amazon wouldn’t be the ones to rest on their laurels. This Wednesday, we saw the ...

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