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    High-Tech Neuroprosthetic Arm Allows User to Touch and Feel

    A new, high-tech neuroprosthetic arm for amputees enables them to touch and feel, according to The Washington Post. The new technology was created by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, with additional funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The fingers and hand of the robotic arm can reportedly be controlled by the user’s own nerve impulses. The creators of ...

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    Sweat to Cool Down With CoreSport Athletic Apparel

    Yes, you read that headline correctly. The more you sweat, the cooler you’ll be when wearing CoreSport athletic apparel. The company’s athletic shirts and shorts are made with a moisture-activated cooling fabric, so the harder you workout, the cooler you will be. The material features Specific Heat Capacity yarn and bamboo charcoal fibers; with these components, moisture is able to be evaporated quickly. ...

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    Somnox Robotic Pillow Helps You Fall Asleep

    Did you know that almost a third of Americans are sleep deprived? The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 30 percent of American adults are sleeping six or fewer hours per day. If you fall into that group, the Somnox sleep robot could be for you. This robotic pillow is designed to be a sleep companion to help you ...

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    Introducing Time Machine Gloves from YouTube Sensation: MadGyver

    The YouTube entertainer, MadGyver, has done it again! Prepare to have your minds blown with the introduction of his Time Machine Glove, powered by Arduino. Now, the Time Machine Glove doesn’t ACTUALLY cause a temporal shift in the space-time continuum, but it certainly does a neat job of simulating it! The glove can pull of feats such as freezing a fan mid-spin, ...

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  • Let the Smart Office Era Begin with CZUR Book Scanner
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    Let the Smart Office Era Begin with CZUR ET Book Scanner

    CZUR Tech Co., a global high-tech company that focuses on digitalization and archiving solution, recently announced the release of their latest product: the ET Smart Book Scanner. This device effectively resolves a challenge that has frustrated office workers for over 30 years – to quickly scan bound materials. For years, CZUR has been trusted by many world’s most prestigious academic institutions. CZUR ...

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    Jolt: An Affordable Electric Bike that Folds

    Electric bikes have been around for a while and often come with a hefty price tag. If you want the convenience of having a foldable, electronic bike but don’t want to drop over a grand, take a look at the Jolt eBike and act quickly. Creator John Madden is selling his eBike on IndieGoGo at an early bird price of $499, plus ...

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